Saturday, November 1, 2008

A tiny bit late for Halloween, but here's an EMS Spooky Story for you!

The patient is a well known man. So is his wife. If I told you what they were well known as, you would know who they were, and that would violate HIPPA. So I won't tell you. But suffice it to say, it involves events of the supernatural kind.

I'm home responding, and the rest of the crew comes from headquarters. It's dark as all get out, and a very weird feeling washes over me. My "spidey sense" is tingling. "Very bad!!!!!" vibes slam me as I walk down the dark driveway. Something is very wrong in this house. The feelings make me turn around, head back to my car, and wait for PD or the rest of my crew. I'm not going in there alone.

He's at a GSC of 8, post CVA a number of years ago. She's been taking care of him at home since then. Diaphoretic, pale, and obviously not well, we begin to load him onto the stretcher. I run out for a blanket, and the cop says to me "You know who these people are, right?"

Nope. No idea. Never heard of them. But in fear of looking totally clueless, I say "oh yeah, but I treat all my patients the same" and carry on.

Still with the bad feeling in my chest. There is a mist that night, and it comes in there someone over there???...I'm spooked, and run back inside very quickly, glancing over my shoulder a few times. But no one follows me. There is no one there.

We load him up, and start transporting. He begins seizing, and we meet up with our intercepting medic just in time. His fever is raging, he's very ill....we aren't sure if he's going to make it through the night.

As we head to the hospital, the bad feeling is gone, I decide I'm just sleep deprived or something.

We go immediately inside, we've been assigned a room already during our patch. But the wife needs to register him.

She registers him under a pseudonym, and the desk clerk doesn't bat an eye. He must have been here before.

She is done, she has requested a priest from the clerk, who is calling one for her. She wants to get to her husband, and the rest of my crew is still moving him from the stretcher to his bed. I've gone to write the run form. There's a digital lock on the door to the main ED area. All the local EMT's have the code, and the staff can hit a buzzer to release the lock to allow people in and out as needed. She is standing at the door, and no one is there to let her in. She glances around surreptitiously, checking to see if anyone is watching her. I'm getting up, to go help her out and wondering what she is doing. Suddenly she waves her hand in front of the lock, the light changes, and she opens the door.

She didn't put in a code, and there were no staff members at the desk to let her in. I don't know what she did to that lock, but somehow she made it open.


And that bad feeling at the house? Apparently they keep a collection of their work in the house. All I'm going to say about that is, after this call, I believe in ghosts. And I'm not walking into that house alone ever.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!!!!


Evil Transport Lady said...

Shit! Run babe Run! J/K.....wierd shit for sure! Damn now I NEED to know more!

Michael said...


Sitting in Silence said...

Holy Smoke...I would have ran for my life....

Ambulance Mommy said...

oooh, i wish i could tell you the rest of the story, but you know HIPPA....

trust me when I say, its even freakier (is that a word??) then I told here!!!!