Friday, January 23, 2009

EMS at the scene of Jett Travolta's death

Did anyone else see this article?
An EMT from the scene tells all....

The fact that this EMT was exploiting this family and their grief was bad enough. I don't know the HIPPA laws in the Bahamas, but morally, trying to make yourself famous by talking about a 16 year old's death is just repugnant. I don't care who the family is.

But I let it slip from my memory, only to read this today:
A paramedic from the scene of Jett Travolta's death is being charged with extortion

If you read the articles, it's two different folks from the crew. Which means at least two people from the crew that day were just ready and eager to tell their tale, and grab their 15 minutes of fame.

Any decent EMT or paramedic would never seek to exploit their patients or their pain, even if it isn't against the law to talk about what you saw or did.

It's just wrong...and it's got me bugged about it.

Anyone else?


Epijunky said...

It's absolutely disgusting.

I hope they nail those guys to the wall for this.

I don't care who the family is.

Medix311 said...

This sort of stuff makes our whole profession look bad. It's bad enough the media is prying into the death, but for the EMTs to come right out and offer their side is downright a paling.

Bernice said...

It makes me sick. And I would love nothing more than five minutes alone with these twits. I mean, I'm not a violent person, but I have been known to give a good ass chewing in my day. :)

The Happy Medic said...

Agreed. People in a position of trust have no business violating that trust, especially for profit.

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