Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a good idea!!

So in Bangkok, they were finding that a large percentage of expectant mothers weren't making it to the hospital in time, due to horrible traffic conditions. So they formed a special division of the traffic police to deliver babies!!! That's actually a really great idea!!!

What a neat thing to do! (OK, neat...maybe not so might be a better word)

Special police unit delivers babies in Bangkok traffic jams (video news report)



EMS Chick said...

I'm thinking of the law enforcement officers I know and their aversion to delivering babies or being anywhere near a woman that may or may not be somewhere close to delivering a baby lol

Ambulance Mommy said...

I know the same type of law enforcement officers..thats what makes it so darn funny!! I'm hoping I wasn't the only one laughing throughout the whole video. :)

But I really did need to give it props at the same time as being awfully practical!

Scott T said...

haha lol, i'm hoping they dont deliver in a tuk tuk!!