Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Call For Help

The radio screams, the phone rings or the pager beeps. No matter how the call for help is received, it will always be answered. Let's face it, this is what we do. We pull ourselves out of bed, chairs, meals, out of our lives to respond to this never ending call for help. They are the nameless, faceless masses that drive passed your rig on the street without a second look, until they need you. At best, we are considered a utility, something to be used when needed then forgotten about.

This is one of the harsh realities we face day to day on this job. We throw out our backs, break bones, dislocate joints and may never, ever be asked if we are okay by the community that we service. How do we get by? How do we get back on the truck one more time? We depend on each other. Sure you can talk to family or friends about these things. But do they really understand what it's like? How we feel when a mother throws her dead child in your arms then spits in your face and curses you off because you were unable to save her child. That very child that she, just a few hours ago, threw down a flight of stairs because he wouldn't stop crying. How could they understand that?

It is in that spirit of helping each other, for being there when one of us fall that has led me to this post. I won't dive into the whole story, there are smarter people that have used better words to discuss this. I will just say that a dear friend of mine, a guest author to this blog and a decent human being has fallen on some hard times. The greatest thing is that, in the age of blogs, Twitter and FaceBook, we are able to connect and help each other even when we're countless miles away.

Please click this link if you are interested in helping one of EMS's brightest members.

Call It As I See It


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