Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Learning About Beginnings and Ends in the ER

Hello everyone, my name is Jen and I'm a new EMT. When I was approached and asked if i would contribute a post or two about the world of EMS and the craziness involved, I was excited about telling my stories. But than I remember that I don't have many stories at all. Seeing as I'm new and don't have many calls under my belt, I began thinking about the calls I have been on, and none of them are "bragging" worthy. Lol.

The only time I can remember like it was yesterday was the first time I did chest compressions. I wasn't even an EMT at the time. In fact I was doing my required hospital hours when a code was brought through the hospital doors. All the nurses just threw me in the trauma room and pushed me towards the poor guy who wasn't breathing. I stepped up (just a tad bit nervous). I began chest compressions and the trauma room that was filled with doctors and nurses all broke out into cheering and applause. I couldn't help but smile until I looked down and realized this man was dead and probably wasn't coming back.

Sadly the guy didn't make it. I talked to the nurses and a medic who was doing hospital time as well and they both drilled me with tons of questions. Than I was asked who would go to the morgue and with some hesitation I decided to go. Never having been to a morgue before, I was filled with trepidation! In the end though, one thing I did learn was you can't lock someone in the freezer. Lol.

Well I hope everyone enjoys this little post. And I look forward to reading other posts!

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