Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quick Rundown

Let me start off by saying Hello to everyone. In this post I will be giving you all a little info about me, and a quick rundown of what I will be blogging about. So lets see first of all I am a 24 year old male from ft lauderdale, florida. I am a huge yankees fan cause thats the baseball that I grew up with. Some of my hobbies include any sport, poker, anything to do with Disneyworld, Madden and Fifa for XBOX 360, and fantasy baseball and football.

So what will I be blogging about. I will take everyone thru the state/national EMT Exam, job hiring process, and continue on with all the other exciting stuff I encounter related to this wonderful job of helping people. I will be a third generation FF/Medic so I have some cool stories that have been passed on. If you have any questions about getting into the service or the hiring process you can send them to me at and I will help you out when I have an answer.

Goodluck and stay safe all,
Joe T.

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