Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Never Wear White Shoes

Last night I was signed up for duty crew at the squad. Call goes in, and we get to the house. I begin walking up the outside steps and I look down and see the concrete is wet.. I thought it was water. I walk into the house only to find out it was blood. And it was everywhere! I have never been on this bad of a bloody call. And amazingly the guy was fine.. I still think it was because adrenaline was pumping and he just didn't realize how bad his arm was cut. And I of course was kicking myself in the ass for wearing my brand new WHITE shoes on this call. Should have realized the first call I would wear them on would be a bloody one.

While waiting at the hospital the police officer who came to the hospital with us needed the crew's names and birthdays. Why? Oh just the fact we were in a crime scene and it needed to go in the file. That's defiantly a first... walking around in a crime scene. It's true what they say, the world of EMS is crazy and you really can't make this stuff up!

Although I'm still a new EMT I wish I was more into getting on the rig and learning all I can. When I do get on the rig, I'm learning to ask questions on why certain things were done. I asked some questions last night and now if I'm ever in a similar situation I'll know what should be done. And what's sad is the fact that these crazy calls happen. Like last night's stabbing. You really have to wonder what goes through people's minds. I guess logic and knowing right from wrong go right out the window when your mad enough. Seems last night's victim experienced that first hand.

Tonight I'm signed up for another night of duty crew. Wonder what it will bring me..

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