Friday, August 15, 2008

My First Call

Seeing as this blog is starting to take off, I'd thought I would contribute another post. This one will actually be about a call, my first call I officered to be exact. The squad I belong to has duty crew nights. You sign up and have to be on the rig for any call that goes from 10:00pm - 5am. I was signed up with another EMT and a driver.. which meant that I wouldn't have to officer and I could just help where it was needed.

The alarm went in and I wasn't really nervous.. probably because I knew I had my ass covered and wouldn't have to officer. As I got into the rig with the other two guys I was signed up with, a second call goes in. Of course, just my luck! My heart dropped. I knew I would have to officer. I started flipping out, and I do mean flipping out. I dropped the f bomb so many times. lol. Luckily the other EMT I was signed up with was also a driver so I took the call with him. We called in service and made our way to the location. It came in as difficulty breathing. We pulled up in front of the house and I recognized the house because we just had this lady a week prior for the same thing.

I won't bore you with the details of the call, because it honestly wasn't anything exciting. I do remember that the medic was very mean but I was grateful for having her there because she did all the work and I didn't have to give the report to the ED Nurse upon arrival.

Sorry everyone, my posts aren't anything exciting or bragging worthy. Like I have said in my very first post, I'm a new EMT and don't have many calls under my belt.

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