Monday, August 4, 2008

In The Beginning...

Salutations, my name is Chris. Welcome to my little corner of this thing that we call the internet. So what is this blog all about you ask? Well I've had this idea knocking around for awhile and finally decided that even though I'm not to sure how this idea will exactly take shape, the only way to find out is just to do it. The general idea is to express ideas and experiences in my life as I travel in through the Emergency Medical Services in New Jersey. Though I don't consider myself an authority in this field by any stretch of the imagination, after 18 years on a truck you do learn a thing or two.

My EMS career started in 1990 when I joined my local volunteer first aid squad. For those of you that don't understand what this is, think of an ambulance company but staffed with people who don't get paid. The training is the same as if they were receiving compensation though between the paid and volly services there is always animosity.

As for myself, in the last eighteen years I've been on both sides of the fence. Either running emergency calls for my volly squad, doing non emergency transports for various transport companies or my current position as a paid EMT. So if anyone ever starts up the argument about who is better, I always maintain the truth, there are flakes on both side of the fence.

So the reason for this blog is kind of a simple one. Anyone who has been in this field long enough knows that getting burned out is just a matter of time and mind set. There are things that we as emergency providers can do, but serving the public is never easy. I could use the old adage about the guy standing in front of the damn with his finger plugging a hole. Every time a new hole appears, he sticks in another finger. Before he knows it, he's out of fingers and the holes still keep coming. This is the same in any field of public service. The call for help is never ending. Night or day it will always be there.

To off set the things that we see, humor and venting needs to take place. If you hold it all inside, you'll go insane. As a wise man once said, you can't change what's out there, only how you're coming at it. So I guess that's the easiest way to explain this blog.

If it's one thing there will always be enough of in this field, it's something to complain about, especially in this great state of ours. Either from volunteer squads that can't do the job anymore but won't take steps to change, to the state shutting down hospitals where they are needed the most. Yes, I'm sure there will always be something that I'll be commenting on with my unique, warped humor.

I should mention that anything I say here is not the views or feelings of any agency that I currently am or in the past have been affiliated with. These views are mine and mine alone. Unlike my main blog or Twitter, the posts here will be strictly about my life in EMS.

EMS Taxi, what's that about? Well the name is just a reflection of my humor. Yes, believe it or not there is a whole legion
of people out there who call 911 not for emergencies, but because they're too lazy to call for a cab. They are under the mistaken impression that they'll be seen quicker if they arrive at the Emergency Department by ambulance. This is a huge misconception, one that in the long run can cost time and lives.

In any event, I'm excited to see how this developers. Please bare with me as I work on the site to make it better and more attractive as the months go by. I am a very busy boy and will do my best. Please feel free to leave comments on anything that gets posted here. And if anyone is interested, in the future I would love to have guest authors every now and then to post their experiences far away from my little corner of the world.